Black Oxide is a chemical conversion coating which is applied to various styles and sizes of metal in an aqueous solution by dip method. Roberts and Son has the capability of rack and tumbling most any part. The black oxide process virtually does not change the dimension of the part or alter the temper or hardness of the metal.

Black Oxide Process:

Acid bath- a bath made up of 50% HCL and 50% water, used to remove light scale and burn marks. For the best uniform result, it is recommended to grind (for a shiny black) or sandblast (for a matte black) the part.

Oil dip bath- We offer 2 different types of oil. A dry to the touch oil (Pen Dip A) and higher corrosion protection oil (Super Pen Dip), which is on the greasy side.

We can certify to all specifications including automotive. We are capable of handling the smallest of jobs to production work with an overall capacity of 93 (single dip) and up to 1000 lbs. Turn around time for most jobs is 24 hours.